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STRUT Guitar Festival

If you missed the 2nd annual STRUT Guitar Fest... At Southwest High School – where professionals like Kevin Bowe and Noah Levy and Paul Pirner and Brad McLemore gave their time while talented high school and junior high guitar players took workshops and competed in a “Battle-of-the-Bands”  --- Well, I’m sorry you missed it!    Winners of said Battle of the Bands will be playing at the Linden Hills Neighborhood Festival NEXT Sunday  -  (The Sunday after Mother’s Day, and before Memorial Day).   

Also performing will be two Jazz Bands from the Southwest High School Jazz Combo Program  -


                                      Plus a kid who plays – like – seven different stringed instruments...

                                                                         Plus – a few local singer/songwriters.  Including the

                                                                         winner of the “Best Original Song” competition at the

                                                                         STRUT Guitar Fest.  


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