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$207 per sq ft to $233 per sq ft.

This is what I call a trader's market. 

It does not advantage buyers, nor sellers... But traders

Who knows how to trade in this market?

                                   Those will be the winners right now. 

New Listings dropped from 1075 in 2016 to 800 in January of 2018... 
There were far fewer sellers these last two years... and this year is continuing that downward trend...
How will this affect pricing -- 
When it is time for YOU to sell?  
How does knowing this -- help you to purchase wisely?  
Call me -- I know some of these answers. 
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If it's your house that you love...  It is important for to know whether there is also more value in your land than you already understand...
If it's your land that you love -- it will be important to know how Minneapolis 2040 will affect you.
   Larry at Team Larry
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