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Art Shanty Projects

Linden Hills is the lucky host of one of the coolest things coming down the pike this winter...


Art. Art Shanties.  Art Shanties on the Lake.

Art Shanty Projects is coming to Linden Hills this year.   For four weeks, January and into February,

there will be Art Shanties on the lake.  


The shanties will be closed on the weekdays.... But on the weekends, there will be artists in their shanties, waiting for you, the visitors, to ---

Engage with their art.

And with them. 

And with each other.

It’s gonna be cool.

It’s gonna be cold, some of the time.....   which... well, yes, will keep some people away.   It’s quieter on the cold Sundays than on the thirty-two degrees ones.   And hopefully, it won’t be 50 degrees all winter... But that’s another story.   Maybe there will be an art shanty with an environmental focus. . . 


Last year, there was a Dance Shanty, with Motown playing inside a Clear Plastic Dance Hall.  There was a Ghost House, all black and scary, but INSIDE, the walls were painted white, and the ghosts were more like memories... There was a multi-colored "hippie" bus, with quotations by famous writers, written in purple ink.   There was a dragon.   And out closer to the parking lot, there were food trucks.

Of course... we have the Linden Hills Village, in addition to food trucks.

We have our neighborhood to show off.   We have ourselves to welcome them.

Today’s Pitch– is that Art Shanty Projects is in the home stretch of their first ever membership drive.


Click here – pay 25 dollars - - and become a supporting member.


Become a Patron of the Arts.*


And become part of the team that is Art Shanty Projects at Lake Harriet.

* Art Shanty Projects will be hosting two On-Ice weeknight members-only parties!

  • For those who give at the $250 level or higher>>invitations to Friday, January 19th opening party on Lake Harriet the evening before the official first day of Art Shanty Projects 2018 

  • For those who give at the $100 level or higher>>invitations to Wednesday, January 31st on-ice party on Lake Harriet

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