The Arts in Linden Hills

Southwest High School has perhaps the most highly-regarded performing arts program in the state.  

Theater, Band, Choir, Dance — all receive numerous statewide awards, and all are led by talented and dedicated teachers and directors.

3-5 member Jazz combos  are the feature of the

SW Jazz program, along with the new Guitar Program, the traditional Big Band, and a Dixieland Jazz Bands.  

The Orchestra Program includes both Chamber and String Orchestras, and an award-winning Wind Ensemble.

My own work of art... Shot with an iphone at

The Linden Hills Kite Festival.

The Southwest Singers is a co-ed audition choir whose repertoire includes classical, jazz and pop music, and which has consistently scored superior ratings at state and national music competitions.

Chamber Singers is a co-ed audition choir specializing in madrigals and a cappella.

And the Southwest Theater Program is second to none in the entire state.   Well, sometimes, we get voted #2 or #3.  Coming up May 15th, Unhinged Theatre presents "Ordinary Days" in the Black Box Theater.  


Everett and Charlie Gallery

Located in Linden Hills at 2720 West 43rd Street.."where art meets experience."

Minnesota Streetcar Museum

A ride on one of our historic streetcars takes you back to the early 1900s, the era of electric mass-transit. It’s a trip back in time aboard a “museum on wheels."  The kids love it. 

New Gild Jewelers

Combines stunningly artistic creations with exeptional customer service.  I'll admit I'm biased - they made my wedding rings.  

The Museum of Russian Art

Not quite Linden Hills, but I love TMORA.  It's intimate and entirely unique, Twin Cities’ window to into Russian art, history, and culture.

The Bakken Museum

A one-of-a-kind museum exploring the mysteries of our electrical world, and inspiring a passion for science and its potential for social good.

The Southwest High School Guitar Program room has a wall of windows, and two walls with thirty guitars hanging on them.  Amps and drums and keyboards, too.  The leader of the program teaches 5 classes per day, and also puts on a super cool event called STRUT: Guitar Festival.  



Linden Hills Shopping and Professional Services

This section under construction

But salaries have gone up!   People make more money than they did 20 years ago!

Note this too -- this increase in Housing Affordability has increased drastically in the last 18 months, when rates fell again from the historic 4% low to below 3%...   

Despite the heat in this market, it’s still good to be a buyer in Minneapolis. 

And it is GREAT to be a seller.

Know this:  The population in Minneapolis is going up, and thus the demand for

Single Family Homes will continue to rise. 

Interest rates, however, will not always be this low.

Call me - anytime.     612.845.5273.    

I love to talk about this stuff.


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