Long-Term Versus Short-Term Value

In Minneapolis Real Estate

Linden Hills, Fulton and Lynnhurst — the three neighborhoods surrounding the Southwest shore of Lake Harriet — are perhaps the most high-demand real estate areas in all of Minneapolis.


With a predominance of one-and-a-half story bungalows, built in the teens and twenties with natural oak woodwork and hardwood floors, there is also a significant percentage of older “craftsman” two-story homes. And there is also now a lot of new construction — larger homes that are replacing the smaller 50s ranch-style-ramblers.

A Word About Real Estate Agents

Good realtors help to make these transactions “fair.” That is, if two consumers each have good realtors, the exchange will likely not favor one greatly over the other…Having a good realtor is like having good insurance. You pay a small percentage, so something doesn’t go terribly wrong. 


A wise consumer does not, as one recent client put it, “Arrive in town and buy on the wrong street.”  You don’t want to win one battle (not having a realtor) but lose the war (not getting good advice.)  Rather, you pay a professional to protect your single greatest financial investment, which also is the investment that affects your whole life — the investment that helps you create Family, and Connection, and Future.    



But salaries have gone up!   People make more money than they did 20 years ago!

Note this too -- this increase in Housing Affordability has increased drastically in the last 18 months, when rates fell again from the historic 4% low to below 3%...   

Despite the heat in this market, it’s still good to be a buyer in Minneapolis. 

And it is GREAT to be a seller.

Know this:  The population in Minneapolis is going up, and thus the demand for

Single Family Homes will continue to rise. 

Interest rates, however, will not always be this low.

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