Lots of questions are being asked....

  • What will the pocket park be like?

  • Who will be the commercial tenants?

  • When will the building and park be done?

I've been talking with lots of people...

  • Clark Gassen and Jake Schaffer, the building developers... 

  • Patrick Sarver, the landscape architect in charge of designing the pocket park...

  • Geoff Sudit, the orthodontist who will be leasing the largest commercial space...

  • Kim Hanson, who will be opening a "high-end pet-products" and grooming store in one other space...

  • Jeff Stites -- LHiNC Board Member who's spearheading a way to find the answers to these questions:

    • How do we compare the paver/concrete options for the pocket park ground surfacing?

    • Will the pocket park be greatly enhanced by surfacing with pervious pavers rather than scored concrete?

    • Should LHiNC contribute funds to (help) pay for said enhancement?

Pocket Park - Linden 43 News

Pocket Park schematic showing tree coverage

The developer says the as-yet-unnamed Pocket Park should be completed around the end of July.  


       {I still like "Brenda  Park" -- after esteemed writer/memoirist/feminist Brenda Ueland, who lived in Linden Hills.}

Stay  tuned --

       I'm going to try to write once a week -- with news as it develops... and with interviews with the new tenants...

          Geoff the orthodontist is a local guy who's developed an Invisalign specialty... and Kim has a French Bulldog named Audrey. . .

NEXT WEEK -- A detailed analysis of the difference between Pervious Pavers and Scored Concrete -- I'll have photos of both, a report on the environmental concerns regarding Pervious over Concrete, and hopefully, some info about how much one might cost over the other. 

But salaries have gone up!   People make more money than they did 20 years ago!

Note this too -- this increase in Housing Affordability has increased drastically in the last 18 months, when rates fell again from the historic 4% low to below 3%...   

Despite the heat in this market, it’s still good to be a buyer in Minneapolis. 

And it is GREAT to be a seller.

Know this:  The population in Minneapolis is going up, and thus the demand for

Single Family Homes will continue to rise. 

Interest rates, however, will not always be this low.

Call me - anytime.     612.845.5273.    

I love to talk about this stuff.


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