Art in the `hood

The Jimmy Wilson Gallery continues to pleasure and surprise..... 

This latest show at JWG -- 4304 Upton - right in The Village --- features artist Toni Dachis, whose 'PAPERCUTS' are made of folded,  "repurposed" paper from old sheet music and magazines....  

In addition to "Dylan," this exhibit also features "Babs" and "Audrey."


Also featured this month are two oil-on-canvas portraits by Kathryn Anderson Richards -- "Jan" and "David."

Come to the Opening Reception -- Dec. 15th 6-8 pm 

Meet the artists, and see Dylan, Babs, Audrey, Jan and David.  And me!  I'll be there too!  :-) 


Southwest Theater!

Up the Down Staircase

 Directed by Margaret Berg on the Southwest High School Main Stage

Rookie lit teacher Sylvia Barrett’s first day at Calvin Coolidge High School isn’t what she expected: a delinquent student body, a crumbling infrastructure, and an administration that drowns its staff in paperwork and rules. She soon finds herself involved in the start of a romance, a near war with an administrator, and in the unexpected, sometimes heartbreaking lives of her students. Can she make a difference?

Larry LaVercombe

Lakes Area Realty


Publisher -  Linden 

Chef Erick Harcey 

Upton 43 

wins Chef of the Year from Eater Minneapolis

Is this the Coolest Neighborhood or what?