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Pocket Park Ground Surfacing


On the left -- are pervious pavers.  

                                                On the right is scored concrete. 

No surprise -- pavers will cost more money.  How much more?  That depends -- on a few things, not least of which is which pavers are chosen... What "look" is selected. 

Who decides?  And where does the extra money come from?  Those are two questions still up in the air... 

My source says that the cost upgrade is likely to be in the $10,000 - $12,000 range. Could  be more --  if more beautiful and expensive pavers are chosen.  


LHiNC is considering paying for the upgrade -- which has also been deemed "more environmentally sound" - because pervious pavers means less water run-off.

This is one major decision the neighborhood can make that will affect this area for years to come... We spent thousands of volunteer hours, working both with and against the

City and the Developers.  

Soon the building and the park will be done... 

My opinion -- LET'S STAY INVOLVED.  

I would love to love this park. 

Wouldn't you? 

POSTSCRIPT: Questions/comments so far.

* Jeff Stites, chair of the LHiNC Environment Committee, reports the Linden 43 Developers have indicated that costs may be closer to $8,000 for the pavers upgrade, and that conversations are proceeding regarding some kind of Neighborhood/Developer partnership.


"I think they ought to use repurposed Purrington pavers available from the city/county/parks"  -  Rich

"Larry - which surface is less slippery when wet or icy, and which stands up to de-icing salts best?" -- Mary

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