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Bocce Ball

There's lots to like about it!  


And we are having a Bocce Ball Court installed in Linden Hills Park, thanks to the efforts of four Linden HiIls guys who:  brought the idea to LHINC; got blessings and more money from Park Board;  got more buy-in from People for Parks...   And are now doing sweat equity on the digging and raking and installing... And still, guess what?  it costs more than they thought it would! 

Anyway -- Thanks to Community Effort -- we have a new attraction in Linden Hills:   Bocce Ball, a quiet,  social game, often played by elders, will now  be enjoyed on a brand new court, located just a few steps from the children's playground.   Inter-Generational Advance!  :-)  









And don't miss the music over by the food and beverage tents, on that May 20th... 612LIVE will headline a whole boatload of Linden Hills Talent,  and I'm not kidding you, there is a lot of it.   We will have guitar players from the Southwest High School Guitar Program (fresh back from New Orleans), we will have singer-songwriters, and hopefully, a children's song or two... 

It takes about 45 minutes to  play a game of bocce ball... Children like it, because it's kind of like easy bowling, or horse shoes.   Grown ups like it for the conversation.   Less time than golf.    Oh, and by the way, easy is probably not the word...  Easy to play, hard to be good at, one guy said...

If you want to try bocce but don't have a bocce ball set, the Linden Hills Bocce Club has donated two sets to Linden Hills Park.


They're available to borrow, free of charge, during park building hours.

Become a founding member of the Linden Hills Bocce Club!  

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