Restaurant Review

Our hugely successful Linden Hills Festival this year provided an extra-happy moment for me...


While directing the live entertainment at the fest, I was suddenly handed a surprise meal of chipotle braised beef with plaintain chips, along with fresh guacamole --  one of the many choices available from food trucks parked up and down Xerxes...

This meal from tinto KITCHEN  sparked my taste buds enough to get my family there two nights later...

                                     We were SO happy.  We LOVED it.    


Outdoor seating...  Comfortable tables inside, with huge beautiful windows...    Low-priced local craft beers....    And a fabulous Latin-inspired cuisine.


One specialty is their plates-of-three tacos, on soft corn tortillas... 

Beef, chicken, fish, and shrimp, each one completely unique.  We ordered them all and mixed-and-matched, and while we were all raving, there was definitely NOT a consensus on which was the best.  :-)   

And one appetizer -- the mahi-mahi ceviche  -- best I've ever had.  

The vibe is friendly, and the food is fantastic.    Give it a try. 

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