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Three Big Things -- Affecting Our Community!



Guitar Festival for Kids

(Grades 5-12)

Southwest High School is hosting this city-wide workshop/Meet-Up/Battle of the Bands -

Saturday -- May 6th --  all day and evening.

Southwest has a Guitar Program -- Where you can study four straight semesters in Electric Technique and Reading Music and Playing with Others/Improvisation, and you can take your fourth elective in... Singing and Playing at the same time... 

Did you know this?   :-) 

So -- Southwest -- is hosting a Guitar Festival -- with local pros teaching workshops... 

And meanwhile -- all day long -- there is a Battle of the Bands Contest -- 

And in the evening -- OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -- Is the Concert.   

Of the winners.    

Be there or be square !  

(see link for 

more info!)


Timeline:   After months of pounding and digging and not much to be seen -- the new building will now begin to change before our eyes.  Each week should bring a new color, or a new advance in what the building will actually look like.  Expect a dark red brick on the first level -- where the yellow is now.  After that -- a whiter brick on the upper levels, along with a brown-red material that will look like wood... 


Founded in 2012 by Mark Settergren, Steven Brown, and other Linden Hills business leaders, the Linden Hills Farmers Market is 100% self sustaining," says Executive Director Libby Wyrum.   "This is because of the loyalty of our Linden Hills customers. Our market is successful because of their patronage. Only a small portion of our budget comes from fundraising and sponsorships." 

"Mark Settergren donates the use of his parking lot, offers electricity and storage free of charge, and purchased our picnic tables and pop up tents. He also gives the market it’s supplies at cost. His crew is always on site to lend a hand. He is our strongest advocate and biggest supporter. We couldn’t run the market without him and his team." 

Through her marketing company called Frank & Ernest Foods, Libby Wyrum also runs Woofstock and Reindeer Day on behalf of the Linden Hills Business Association --

She makes this thing SING on a shoeSTRING


LHFM pens May 21st, the same morning that the Linden HIlls Festival takes place!

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