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Are You Voting?

    Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Prize,

meanwhile Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton vie for “Undecided Votes.”  

One of the two major-party candidates is going to be our next president – and yet 11% of the U.S. electorate 

is currently pledging support to one of the two potential “spoiler candidates.” (Gary Johnson and Jill Stein).* 


What’s wrong with this picture?   This:  that again – it’s possible that the most strongly disliked candidate might win this election:  The candidate that most people prefer NOT be president – can become president -- in our system. 


This flaw in our system is fixable.  There is a tried and true method of voting that makes it such that:


  • You don’t have to  waste your positive influence on a “protest vote”

  • You can “vote your conscience” without advantaging the worst candidate

  • You can “send a message” without at the same time throwing away your opportunity                         to affect the current election

The stakes are high.  Politics is not a game.  Real lives are at stake.  And yet – to watch the television is to come away with a feeling that the horse race itself is more important than the result.  And that the candidate most capable of hurting the other is the one who will be the victor.   Is this what we want? 


There are often many solutions to a problem.   Creative thinkers collaborate. 

But it only takes one gigantic hole to sink a boat. 


My hope – is that the 11% pledging support for third-party candidates will in the long term increase their efforts to change our voting system -- but in the short term, vote to ensure the boat doesn’t sink. 


It’s a Hard Rain Gonna Fall, if that happens.


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Ranked Choice Voting

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Larry LaVercombe





 *Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are currently polling at 9% and 2%, respectively.

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