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Tillia, a neighborhood treasure


Minneapolis is a city of wonderful neighborhoods, with marvelous restaurants and cafes interspersed throughout our residential areas, and if you know Linden Hills, you know we're fortunate to have several amazing  chefs and restaurants right here. Today’s spotlight is on Tilia.


Chef Steven Brown has received numerous accolades -- including being named 2012's Best Chef by City Pages, who names Tilia 2012's Best New Restaurant.   Brown was nominated for Best Chef: Midwest for the James Beard Awards, Best New Restaurant and Best Neighborhood Cafe by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, and won Outstanding Restaurant at the Charlie Awards.

Tilia is open for brunch, lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner options include soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, plates to share and larger supper dishes. A few of my favorites are: the brussels sprouts with ham, a perfect combo of roasted sprouts with salty ham cubes and toasted walnuts;  the reuben, a classic sandwich expertly made;  and the cheeseburger, a juicy, flavorful patty of beef with a soft bun and gooey cheese that is best eaten with a knife a fork a la George Costanza and the Snicker’s bar.

Photo: Seinfeld

The french fries are a favorite as well, thin, crispy and addicting, with a delicious accompanying “fry sauce” -- a combo mixture with the creaminess of mayo and the tomato/spice of ketchup.


Tilia also offers a terrific kid’s menu with pasta, burger, shrimp stir fry and other options along with an offer of a cookie “if you eat your whole meal”, which my kids embraced enthusiastically. Usually, I am not envious of the  kids meal offerings, but I admit the cookie was very enticing and my kids were reluctant to give me even a morsel. They also offer a box of toys and cards for the kids while you wait for your meal, which is greatly appreciated.

The beverage menu compliments the food options and is stellar on it’s own if you are in the mood for a drink at the cozy bar. They have several unique beers on tap, including craft beer favorites from Bell’s and Deschutes, local taps from Harriet Brewing and Fulton as well as Belgian and German imports. The wine list is impressive as well, featuring a variety of sparkling, whites and reds from various regions in Italy, France, California, and Oregon --- available by the glass or bottle.

Whether you are in the mood for a drink, snack or dinner, with or without your kids, Tilia is a treasure and undoubtedly will continue to receive the well-deserved accolades. We are thrilled they are in our neighborhood !

---Larisa Ozols,

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