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Linden 43 -- Commercial Tenants and Exterior Size

Construction of the Linden 43 exterior walls is virtually complete, so we can now see -- from a  size perspective  -- how this building "measures" and "fits" into the landscape of the neighborhood.   ( and no, the building won't always be blue. :-) 

There is a bit more to be added to the fourth floor -- I'll update the photo as soon as that is completed.

The latest (and final) tenant to sign for commercial space in the Linden 43 building is Bremer Bank -- a privately held, St. Paul-based regional bank with offices in MN, ND and western WI.

Says Mitch Bleske, Bremer’s CFO:  “We recognize that Linden Hills is a tight-knit, socially-responsible community, which fits with our customer-oriented/community-minded approach.”  


The Bremer design team is still deciding what services to offer at this location – most likely wealth-management, mortgages, personal and small business banking.  Mitch was aware of our parking issues, and he stressed that the office should not exacerbate that.


“We will NOT have a drive-through;  this office is not meant to be a high-traffic retail location.”  


One thing Mitch asked of me:  He wondered if I could help him find a couple good people to staff this office...


He said that Bremer would love to have someone from the community to represent the bank – not necessarily a career banker or even someone who’s worked in the banking industry, but more importantly, someone service-oriented who could learn the technology and who would be a good front-office presence.    So there’s a job waiting here for someone...

As I noted last month -- in addition to Bremer, Linden 43 will have two other commercial tenants -- A High-end Pet Products and Grooming joint, and an orthodontist -- a local guy who's coming back from Austin, Texas with an Invisalign expertise... click here for that story!

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