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October 14 blog


“The Linden” breaks ground

at the Famous Dave’s site


Developer Clark Gassen reports that demolition at 43rd and Upton will begin on Wednesday, July 27.  Contaminated-Soil-Abatement will take two weeks to complete, and then major construction will begin by early September.    


The four-level, mixed-use building has a projected completion date of July 2017.

Mr. Gassen reports that one-half of the main-level commercial space has already been leased to a single “daytime,” “non-food-establishment.”    Six of twenty-nine apartments have also been rented – but at this point, the building is not dependent on the signing of leases or the selling of units.  The Construction Loan has closed – and the monies are in place to complete the project by next summer.


“We are building elegant, high-end, condo-quality units that will rent as apartments.   Premier, world-class living spaces.  I want them to be the best apartments in the city,” Gassen said.   


Price?   The smallest, “junior suites” will rent for $2500 per month.    Most layouts will cost approximately $5,000 per month, and the penthouse units rent for almost $10,000 per month.    


Is Linden Hills ready for such luxury?  


“One cool thing that came from all this struggle, one thing that came directly from the neighborhood,” Gassen said, “is that these apartments have extraordinary outdoor living spaces.  We were required to set-back the fourth floor, and doing that forced us to create really cool outdoor living space.  One unit has a 900 square foot outdoor living room.”  



                                                               WHAT CAN WE EXPECT?


Expect lane closures for the next 4 days on Upton at 43rd – Entire streets will not be closed – but it will get tight.  

Regarding dust and mess:  Gassen says:  “We are taking a proactive approach to be as clean and respectful as possible, with regular if not daily street sweeping.  Believe me, I understand the dynamics here -- I want this build to go as smooth as possible for people, and I hope people love the building when it’s complete.”


Speaking for myself – Larry LaVercombe – I hope this construction period goes smoothly, too.  As many of you know - - I was the Zoning Committee Chair throughout the long struggle and controversy that first started with Linden Corner, a five-story, 50+ unit building.  The Linden -- is now breaking ground at 29 units and less than half the size.   


Still to be determined are the final plans for a Pocket Park.   

I look forward to seeing those latest designs from Linden Hills resident Patrick Sarver, the landscape architect for The Linden.   


Stay tuned – for news on that and more

Larry LaVercombe

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